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  • Rogue

    Dry Cider

    Triple Barrel Blend / 500mL / ABV 6.5%


    Rogue, a triple barrel blend with notes of caramel and oak, separates you from the masses.  Be larger than life, embrace danger, take a stance, don’t let others dictate how to your live life, and let Rogue lead the way!

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  • Renegade

    Bone Dry Cider

    Triple Barrel Blend / 5OOmL / ABV 6.5%


    Defiant, unconventional, this triple barrel blend is bone-dry, crisp and clean. With hints of oak and spice this cider abandons accepted beliefs.  Break from the pack, accept no substitutes and be a true Renegade!

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  • Ramboozle

    With Raspberries

    Bone Dry Cider

    Aged in Caribbean Rum Barrels / 5OOmL /ABV 7%


    Aged in Caribbean Rum barrels with tart raspberries, and containing notes of honey and spice, this  ruby red stunner is a full-bodied commanding experience. Say farewell to tranquility with Ramboozle!

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  • Loco Blanco

    Bone Dry Cider

    Aged in Tequila Barrels / 75OmL / ABV 9.5%


    Aged in Mexican Anejo Tequila barrels, with notes of oak, caramel and vanilla, at 9.5% abv, Loco Blanco releases the cider’s inner soul. Be part of the gathering, raise the spirits of the dead, and let Loco Blanco bring life to the lifeless.

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  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Bone Dry Cider

    Aged in Whiskey Barrels / 75OmL / ABV 9%


    Aged in whiskey barrels with hints of vanilla, molasses and oak, this non-carbonated cider clocks in at 9% abv.  Be part of an uprising, refuse to conform, and let Whiskey Rebellion lead you into battle!

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